I'd sleep on the floor if you said that I should
or go die outside if it could make you love me
cling to whom I think feels just how I feel
was ist real, oh has it ever been real?

The dust in your lungs makes it so hard to breathe
the words you spit out are all bloodstained
I think I know how you feel

I'd rather lie down and sleep

but I will hold on
I'll hold your hand
I'll never let go
because I feel how you think

And your thoughts make me sick

You're just another soul
who'll never know how I think
I think you should grow up
your voice now makes me cringe

And the thought of your lips
I'll wash my mouth keep it shut
The Way
You got me to feel something

I'd rather lie down and sleep


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    Great song <3 :D

  • Author Portrait

    I'm so in love with this song! :)




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