Every Day I search for you , 
hope that all my dreams come true. 
Every day I'm thinking of you.You're in my mind and I feel blue. So talk to me, talk to me, say what you want, say what you need .Talk to me, talk to me ,say that you 'll be with me tonight ,say that you'll be with me tonight.
Every night I dream of you.I wish you ' ll be mine and I' ll be yours.
Every night I see your face in my dream and I mean: Talk to me ,talk to me me....
Your my only love, but I'm thinking about. Is it right or wrong ? Are we weak or strong ? So talk to me....
Sometimes , you let me know , you won't to stay and want to go.
Sometimes , you' ll say to me : please set me free , but it's too hard for me. So talk to me ...                


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    I also thougt that it sounds like a songtext and then I saw that you even published it as one. Is there any possibility to listen to it? I wonder what it would sound like ^^

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    I wonder how the melody to this one would go. It sounds like a song.




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