Once upon a time there was a bored princess. Each day, she sat at her window, dreamily watching the garden. Out there, the young gardener was working. The princess loved the gardener with all her heart and dreamed that one day, he'd love her back.

The gardener, who worked for the princess' father the king, spent every spare moment glancing up towards the windows of the castle, hoping to catch a glimpse of the one he loved. The few times the chosen one hurried through the garden, he smiled hopefully, but he never had a reply in return.

In the castle the handsome servant, beloved of the gardener worked, but he only had eyes for the princess. Sadly, she never even noticed the young man who was pining for her, let alone spoke to him.

The days went by and turned into years. The princess, who always did as her parents wished, eventually married the prince, but she never forgot the gardener. As far as the gardener was concerned, he remained unmarried. He could never forget the love of his youth. The servant gave in to pressure, and highly reluctantly married the girl next door.

Neither of them was ever happy.


© Minwynn


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    Well, that definitely was a very interesting take on typical fairy tales. Realistically, that is what happens. Nice, quick, kind of sad and kind of funny read!




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