Although she knew she was a robot, she didn't know how much. It wasn't every day someone would simply shut at the edge of a star cruiser that she was one. After they had left Earth centuries ago, the distinction between homo sapience and the mechanical kind began to blur to the point of irrelevance. But that was history. She dreams of electronic sheep, like in Philip K Dick novels, but she didn't want to work for the inter galactic spy agencies that would manipulate them. She carried a large Katana, which up till recently she had not had to use, that was fixed to a cane. And at the bottom, a thumb drive that browse various file types that she had a knack for programming.

The last time she had beheaded a rogue Geisha, she couldn't settle down into the deep life for months, and even now it was simply an an unlikely prospect. And beheading a band of rogue pirate geisha was no small task. Alain had a love/hate relationship with blood, paradoxically becoming horny and repulsed at the same time, and had sympathy for the damned that they called the pirate women. You would think hundreds of years since mankind left Earth, man would become more peaceful, but it was merely a matter of temporarily being peaceful in order to nullify the quarantine forced on mankind. Alain thought it was a double standard alien races got to harbor pirates, while her own race was no allowed to go much farther than the move over the last few centuries. And even now she doesn't quite trust that she wouldn't be allowed to do her thing. She liked listening to flying Nannies sing, and dutch girls tap in their wooden shoes. But she hated listening to country blues from the last few decades, as there was no more country side among the stars. There was no much land to speak of outside the star cruisers.

Her brother, in contrast to her gentleness, like to challenge bruisers more powerful than he, and was he himself only stood about 4'11. It was simply a matter of finding pressure points. Yet for Alain, her martial arts was behind the terminal in the latest Linux distro in the era of quantum computing. She wanted to reject the job of being the intergalactic heads woman. Yet inside she became erect as a roman statue, yet without the body of the ideal. She rejected the idea of dating, because she was afraid of exposing her porn habit. Slaughtering space rabbits was one thing, but watching women get their heads chopped off by automatic guillotines was another thing altogether. At times she became rather close to revealing her porn habits to her brother, but his girlfriend at the time, before she gave in to the pirate life, had a treat for him in the cruiser cabin next door. For Alain, she had just finished scripting a Nemo search engine that searched for various files across her quantum computer. 1

Inherited from what remained of the National Security Agency, it began to propagate and decentralize to the point where, at least in theory, they had to shut their doors forever. Yet this never seemed to stop some spies that were out of work from trying. And do the nature of decentralization, this created a pickle of non accountability. Some spies that left the field went on to become space pirates, and some of the Geisha she beheaded with her thumb drive sword were amongst the most beautiful of the class. She had a sex addiction, not quite to the point of unhealthy behavior (at least not out in the open), and fantasized yet cried about Geisha that had to die.

Her body was meat. 

Yet this wasn't Neuromancer.

It was her life, not Case's.

-- Can you lend me my automatic nun chucks? I feel like chucking some nun and pirate Huns tonight. Her brother had an over obsession with rhyming, something that bothered most of his classmates during his secondary school years, yet now he pretends like they don't exist.

-- Why? I fear you might be becoming dependent. Sit down, relax awhile. Go and beat up on pedophiles. Her brother hadn't beat up on intergalactic pedo bruisers in a long time, becoming more the type to beat up on religious Catholic terrorists with stardust nukes. This obsession made Alain want to puke, but there was nothing that could be done, besides encouraging the behavior and giving him a gun. But that would put them both on the run from Dream-Scanners, that have transcended their masters, becoming transcendental entities in and of themselves, taking advantage of their new non-locality. She wasn't sure whether the dream-scanners would continued to be pleased about her own work, and that was her. She hated to think what they must be thinking about her toxic brethren, spending most times in bars, and in general, acting more like a stereotype of a man.

They never quite managed to make robots match the male sex as accurately as women, although in most cases even if a Space woman found such a robot that pretended to be human attractive, there wasn't much of anything to give a blow job. Something Alain craved all to often. She tried to picture her brother using his automatic nun chucks against the Geisha pirates, but ended up getting to much spanking porn for her to handle.

Quickly, she pushed him out the door. She spent most times ignoring the flow of star cruisers and exploding super novas, while dreaming on Mach 26 cruisers she drove herself in novels by Ben Bova. She wanted to date a super nova, and become one with the stars, jumping off and burning into oblivion. Yet found that she was far to afraid of heights, even in non gravity voids. It was froid outside in space, yet in the stars she would have a chaud face. A big disgrace, falling over the place. She was a deranged Queen song from hell. The world sarcastically wishes her well.

She wanted to be a star.

Outside the windows of the star cruiser, space blended into a mix of Cybernetic reality, dream like surreality, blending into a kind of intergalactic file system protocol for those always asleep. She listening to the bawling of old women mourning the lost centuries, who were able to reverse most of their aging, yet missed their husbands who were left behind on Earth. Alain envied this kind of emotional attachment, but most of the time she was simply apathetic. Pathetic, perhaps. But she felt weird enough being around people, who often had still not gotten past their religious impulses while singing her star steeples. Sheepish weeping old ladies. It isn't over to the mother earth sings. And behind this waking world, where suspended death, she wanted to suspend her own immortality.

She wanted to be a star.

She wanted to no longer exist.

At noon the space bells rang, and Geisha pirate were led into the Space Ship town square. One by one their heads fell to the floor, and Alain had trouble keeping her pants dry from the smell of exposed iron both from her sword, and the blood pouring on her face. Everyone was a disgrace: her mother, her brother, the entire human race. And yet like live wire quantum web works, she ignored the misery pretending to program new geisha women on the wire. Those who never prayed to a holy friar. Or tortured by space wardens. She dreamed of a flower garden, where everyone could live in peace.

And hopefully remain as a single peace, snuggling with a geisha in their fleece while watching movies from previous decades, when mankind still hoped to end the death penalty. Other than of course, odd balls like North Korea and China. Japan being more the more France like of the Asian world. And therefore the closest to being like the United States, before President Orange Wig and the Russia gate trials.

She thought of pirate women in black oxfords, tapping to decades old Southern American cup songs. She dreamed of what it would be like to be a human being, and not a heads woman. She wanted to belong to another layer of reality, and yet reality was far stranger than the matrix. Gone were days one may hope to evade surveillance simply moving to a different plane of existence. Gone were the days when one could avoid being buried in ever constantly moving grave yard do to 21st century urbanization. Gone were the days of not being one with the damned. Here lies the geisha moving into the next state and century.

Her head left behind on a stick.

Alain wanted to become a star.

At night she dreams. At night she masturbates to a beheaded geisha, yet now she wanted to be one with electronic after life. She wanted to be one with damned, who she didn't want to die. Yet she couldn't help herself, there was to much of a libido. Although she has a certain kind of hope, that one thing that kept her going. Allowed her to not take her life. Her libido was slowly going by the wayside, and no longer was she able to simply give in to semen and blood. For she no longer cared for the blood of life.

She wanted a wife.

Not a head on a stick.

Between the 19th century Alsace, and the 22nd century Spalcase, there was a midpoint in the next few centuries that allowed men to transcend to the stars. Despite not having learned from our previous mistakes, there was a small amount of hope. The ability to change our genetic make up. And it was in this that Alain longed for different sexual kinks, that involved the flowing of blood. Yet most of the time these were limited to the richest of the riches, the topmost of the human pyramid, gradually collapsing in on itself in the stars. She dreamed of there being no more Space Tsars, and wanted to masturbate the Tsarina. Mina the Tsarina, Mina not bitten by Space vampires.

But this wasn't her life.

Her life bites. And this one may may call life, it was never easy being descending from the family of Vlad The Impaler, who punctured men, women, and children alike. The 22nd century ones programmed her to dine on blood, yet she hated her own programming. She wanted to be her own android. She wanted to feel a certain love for 22nd Catherine Howard, no longer confined by Space 8th Kings. She wanted to train them to row her boat, now fly on royal space wings. She wanted to make something of her own life.

Life was meaningless.

But it didn't have to be.

In the dream life, there was mutating pulsars blending in with the face of the star gods. In the dream life, she could escape her own misery through the flow of lucid dreams. Tearing reality, her own reality, at the seams. Dreaming of something other than this life.

It was time to behead a Geisha.

When it came around noon, she was nervous. The idea of beheading a pirate began to wear her down to almost nothing. She felt like nothing, at least nothing of value. She wanted something different in her life. Yet the she felt some sorrow in this girl's life that made her think twice. She lucid dreamed of her being framed for piracy, something she thought was beyond the dream-scanners. But she remembered how they had tried banning encryption, and the pirate was among many that build her own systems. She was also a programmer.

The Geisha pirate lowered her neck.

Alain raised up her sword. The sword swooshed.

A dream-scanner was implanted with Ransom ware. She sliced open the scanner-bots. And then took the pirate home.

-- Hey baby, lets go watch some movies tonight.

-- What do you want to watch.

-- Well, let's just say porn.





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