Today is a bad day,
Just another really, really bad day.
Here I am, sobbing, wishing to go back and change the past,
Because I failed.
And I disappointed them.
Just once more.
And I missed my aim.
Just another time.
Today is the day I lost my future,
Just another day on which I completely fucked it all up.
All the abilities that would have been necessary - I had them.
I could have done better, I should have succeeded, at least this time.
Could've, should've. Another empty scream in a universe of jaded possibilities,
Not heard, but lingering within me,
Giving me tears,
Denying my worth,
Letting me hate myself.
That's the thing about failing, I guess.
It only takes one moment,
Without concentration, strength or knowledge
And even though this unpleasant flash is over so, so fast,
One might suffer from the consequences forever.
One moment is enough to turn a life into an everlasting nightmare.


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    Every once in a while, we need to reconsider the goals that we pursuit, and check if they are really the ones we had chosen for ourselves. More often than not, it were really someone elses wishes and ideals that we failed, and not the ones we deliberately set our sails to. But whatever the case - one failure can't diminish you value as a human being, and as the great artist that you certainly are.

  • Author Portrait

    Arme Johhla! Es tut mir Leid dass es dir nicht gut geht. :-( Ich hoffe es bessert bald wieder. Du hast allen Grund dich selbst zu lieben, denn du bist ein wunderbarer Mensch! Geh nicht immer so hart mit dir ins Gericht! Ich wünsche dir alles Gute und das du bald das findest, was dich glücklich macht!




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