Hey, currently I'm a bit inactive. I have a lot of poems I could share, but I'm always so insecure about it. Well, at least here's one of my new poems. Lately I've started to write poems about changes and I tried to illustrate and compare them with changes in the nature - like the wheather, the seasons, a growing up seed, a dying leaf.. anyway. Enjoy reading! :)

Time to go

Don't know if anyone, if you

ever felt like I just do,

it's not that I feel unwell here,

it's just.. I feel so trapped somehow.

I wanna see, wanna explore

wanna lean on 'nother shore,

it's just a must, just to make clear

otherwise I will dry out.

It's not me not wanting to adhere,

this urge grew 'long the last few years,

it's not.. I don't mean hurting you,

just doing things I wanna do.

I think I simply need this change,

need to brake free out of this cage,

it's not that I don't love you or don't care,

it's just.. I need some space to grow.

Like the birds fly to the south

when the north becomes to cold,

it's not that they don't like it there,

it's just.. sometimes it's time to go.

Maybe I'll come back to this town,

back to you, I'm not bound,

it's not a promise, but I woulnd't deny it,

it's just.. I wanna do and not just sight it.

Don't know if anyone, if you

is understanding towards what I do,

I guess, I need some space to grow,

it's just.. sometimes it's time to go.


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    Don't be insecure! Your poems are great! I love this one...it has...i don't know a bit of a magical touch for me (don't ask me why :D)

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    I really liked this one! Keep going, and I'll keep reading ;)




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