Are there any wise words to tell?
Please speak to me, cause I can't hear,
Oh, please break the damned silent spell,
You are the only one to talk to, my dear.

What is there to gain?
Please show me, 'cause I can't see,
Oh, please numb the pain,
Just do it and set me free.

What is out there to touch the heart?
Please guide me, 'cause I can't feel,
And I don't even know where to start.
Please scare the darkness away; please make it conceal.

Is a God out there?
Please convince me, 'cause I start failing to believe,
All those dramas, maybe he just does not care,
Oh, please prove me wrong and grant me relief.

Does at least one thing good exist
In this world so dark and cold?
I want to believe, but still I resist,
Oh, please cure me, please show me your heart of gold!                   





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