I refuse to live like this even a second longer!
This life is too much to bear with those monsters growing stronger and stronger!

Oh doubt, you sneaky lie!
How can you hurt me so much?
Do you enjoy making me so shy,
And so afraid of another person's touch?

Oh sorrow, you everlasting night,
Right now, you might have captured me,
But I'll pursue every glimpse of light
And one day I will finally be free.

Oh anger, you evil spell!
Waiting, always sneaking around,
To control me, to force me into another hell,
But my cursed mouth will not give another sound.

Oh fear, you dirty, dirty jail!
You made a different person out me,
Lost, alone, frightened and pale,
Just a shadow of what I once used to be.

Oh nightmare, you odious friend!
Stop creeping into my troubled head,
Just go away, find someone else, just come to an end.
I need some peace, at least at night in my bed.

Oh death, you dammed thief!
Don't try it, don't you dare
To bring me one more minute of grief,
Cause even one more second is too much to bear.

I beg you all to let go of me,
Please, just let us end this misery!





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