How do sales people succeed convincing you to buy something ? Did you had a need of the product or service they are selling? Did you have a good relationship with them?

Here are some of the questions that come up when you think about what types of techniques people use when they sale , that drive you to purchase things you never thought you even need.

The definition say a professional sales person is an expert in his field and sales techniques are tools of the profession designed to help people get what they need (Johnston & Marshall, 2013).

Trainings and books around sales techniques talk about ethics, relationships building, communication, positive language and hard work.

What if you start using that in the pursuit of your own goals and dreams and use sales techniques to channel your energy into fruition.

AIDA model is an influence process that use effective communication in a way that better responds to the needs and desires of the customer.

What if you are your own customer and start applying AIDA on your own self to achieve your goals?

Here are the stages you need to go through:

Awareness:  What is that you dream off, what are your most daring goals? Get your own attention by looking at what you want to achieve and build awareness around it. Often you don’t pay attention to your own happiness by choosing to procrastinate your goals, passions and talents.

Interest: Draw the benefits you will get out of it, weather is happiness, fulfilment, money, peace of mind or accomplishment. Why you are going to pursue your dreams is a key question you need to ask and answer. Is not what you are going to do but why you are going to do it that will raise your interest to carry on.

Desire: What satisfaction will you get out of your goals? The purpose of this step is to start believing in your visions. If you want something, nothing will stop you from making it happen. The enjoyment you get solely by thinking of your goals achievement will turn the desire into action.

Action: Now that you know your goals, have an interest and want them to come true, remains only to act.

  Simple steps, but valuable, for moving your life into the right direction, uncovering your potential and fulfilling your dreams.

Alina Iordache





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