Where did the breath from my chest disappear
when I lost my wings and fell through the blindness
where was the heartbreak and where were the tears
when you chose to forget me and all of our years

where were you, my only
when I found out your lies
when life felt the most lonely
and I severed its ties

where was guilt and where was shame
where was blood and where was pain
where were you when I went insane
where was love when I had waned

where'd you take our memories
and where do they lay buried
where'd you fly from sacred canopies
where'd you drop what I had carried

that pale morning now
when it rained and you were smiling
where's the joy that we were piling
where's the photo of us two
where I used to stare at you..

does the last fool ever go
in the light of morning snow
who didn't know what they were doing
'til the moment they stopped moving

babies go when they don't cry
feelings flow when they're denied
the dots seduce the pen
is where
I will touch your face again.





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