Yet I Cannot Swim

I program minor programs in Ruby, but will switch to remote viewing soon. It's just a matter of logistics, when you can use stream of consciousness to survey an area, and sense things beyond normal perception. Even with smart phones, one can in the periphery of their hearing when just waking up, can sense at a wider range more than they do when they are awake. Because they have not yet accepted the matrix into their waking life, exploring the world of broken house wives and children such as themselves with PTSD. The world of Tea laced with LSD.

Everything seems like it's melting.

Everything seems so jittery, blurring together like rubber on shiny metal. The world of the mass manufactured bike, in a city like Chattanooga where you can sometimes rent a bike, so long as you know where to find a place to rent. Yet if we are but just a simulation on macro structural quantum screen, where is the programmer, where is this central hardware known as god? For me to call it God or a central creator is disingenuous if there are multiple bangs and creations happening at the same time. We live instead in multiple universes, and science is just now catching up to this fact. Consider that for the longest time it had primarily been movies on the fringe that featured this possibility, yet now as I project into the future I see a world where fossil fuel dependency has come to an end. And the world of proscription medication paves the way of legal cannabis. There is always the chance the world can fall back into the world of tyranny, though it isn't circular like in the legends of multiple incarnations of the same physical plane.

Why do we tolerate suffering?

Why do we tolerate the suffering of The Countless, as they fade to oblivion on nights not illuminated by the darkness. The darkness, as it crawls across the catacombs of yesterday's century, and getting political office in order to enact discriminatory executive order, and threaten nuclear war. Death, Annihilation, Suffering. It is all a part of this world made easier by technology. Yet technology also has made things easier to communicate, and express outrage about suffering. We now live in a ticking clock before the ultimate choice is decided: life or death.

Yet for me I wonder periodically through the darkness, find a new source of insight I find for greater gleaning than listening to the artificial joy and fear of the entertainment business, as it clutters the mind. If we could live our entire lives again, what would be your choice, and what would you do. I explore various possibilities in my mind, almost as if they had already happened at some point.

I dive into the quantum pot of outer space.

Yet I cannot swim.





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