Yonder lies the dream I had
with hugs and hickeys ironclad
black and sparkly shades of velvet
painting whispers on its helmet
I was staring flabbergasted
for a second, while it lasted
but then your fingers turned to stars
on my cheeks that filled with scars
of the pain I've always known
as tears remembered on their own
bleeding down the dandelions
that dreamt your presence in Orion

Yonder in the winds in rye
flows the rainbow of your dye
golden rivers teem with schools
your intertwining molecules
racing with the valley's thoughts
blasting off like astronauts
towards the twinkling silver sands
on midnight shores of neverland

Yonder in the sunset waves
like golden strings in dying rays
spangle streams of fireflies
kissed adrift by ocean's sighs
scents of comets that inverse
in the mirrors of the universe
where precious sunlight made its bed
in cleats of silk that shrouds your head

Yonder where I've lost my dawn
every view on Earth was drawn
by the depth of newborn skies
and every hue of summer's guise
rife with hails of morning dew
worn by faith of birds that flew
into blessings of the haze
around the heaven in your gaze.





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