Cartography Room

The empty bottle was really a secret lever! You discover a secret tunnel behind the bar, which leads to what looks like a cartography room. On the main desk lies a map with the caption "The New World":

The newest map in our collection shows Western Lestradat, those parts of the horror province which is mostly governed by rivaling vampire families. Vampire clans wage their wars against human leaders, demon hunters, the inquisition, werewolves from the northwest, and of course against each other. Traveling Belletristicans will only find reliable protection in the city "Nightshade", as well as the inns in the east and west of the map. Beyond the old road, which connects these points, there is only chaos to be found, even though many travelers will enjoy getting involved with the wars and battles of the NPC factions.

On the table lies an envelope with Maldeca's sigil on it. Inside is a sooted map which shows the underwold capital "Sanctuary".

You find a binder with the crests of the four great houses on it. It keeps only two maps yet, which say: "The Great Treehouse, Home of the Springflowers" and "Heartfire Camp, Home of Summer Dawn".

On the windowsill lies a map of Provenance, Adventuria:

On an old chest lies a map with the caption "First expedition into the Sidhe":

In the workstations drawer, you find a map of "North's End" in Adacia,together with the neighbouring "Misty Range":

In the last corner of the room you notice a map of a naval route. It shows the way of a ferry, which collects shipwrecked travelers, and brings them to Haven:

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