The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.


Artifacts are very rare objects with mysterious powers. They often confer daily bonus or other advantages. Once collected, artifacts will be kept in your treasure, just like gems.

Artifacts will require gemstones to be powered, but they will not consume them.

All artifacts are completely dormant at the moment and will be able to unfold their powers after the "Gem Powers" mini update.

As opposed to almost every other aspect of our gamification, some artifacts are be limited or even exlusive. Nobody can have them all, not even the admins. The only other known gamification element that can be exclusive are titles.

Known Artifacts

Chunk of Unobtanium

An unobtainable material from a far off reality. The Chunk of Unobtanium has the power to create a perfect gemstone of a random color in every full moon night. Nobody should wield this kind of power.

Old World Earth

A jar with earth from our old home. It emits an ancient magic. This keepsake was given to everyone who was with us before the 2.0 Update. It generates a small amount of Feenstaub daily, and as the community grows, so does its magic.

The Key to the City Hall

A symbolic key to the city hall, cast out of brass and refined with fine gold. This artifact is awarded for 250 cast ballots in the city hall. Whoever holds this key was involved in many important decisions about our future. The effect of this artifact is still unknown.

The Ring of Dominion

The Ring of Dominion. The magic dome grants a glimpse over Dominion's tracts of lands. This artifact is awarded for 500 cast ballots in the city hall. Whoever wears this ring has played a large role in forming our kingdom. The effect of this artifact is still unknown.

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