The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.


All members and all pseudoyms on Belletristica get their own profile. This is where a short profile text, some general stats like word count or number of subscriptions, collected Fairy Dust and current level, as well as medals will be shown. There is also a showcase for earned achievements, which can be set up by the profiles owner, to display the achievements they are most proud of.

Every profile can be customized with a profile image and a title image. Next to the name of every profile owner, you can see their current rank, which consists of their level as well as their title.

When visiting profiles of other users, you also have the option to subscribe to them, or send them a private message.

Some Belletristicans have special Sigils on their profile. For example our amdins, fairies, and mods.


Under this tab, you can find all bookshelves with published B├╝cher, which belong to this profile. If a profile doesn't have any published books yet, the whole tab will not be displayed.

About me

Under this tab, users can provide some more information about themselves - of course only if they wish to do so.

Here everyone can share their full name, age, gender, birthday and where they're from. People can also add hobbies and favorite books, music, games, and many other topics.

In the profile settings, there is also the option to give a short interview, which will then be shown here.


Under this tab, you'll find the profile owner's pinboard. Depending on pinboard's setup, it can either be used as a guestbook, or as a place for personal announcements.

In the profile settings, profile owners can decide who can leave entries on their pinboard.

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