The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

About Titles

[Unfinished feature - More details will follow!]

As you've surely noticed, there is a little something next to your name and your level in your profile (If you haven't changed it to something else yet, it's probably "Belletristican").

You can unlock and collect new titles by accomplishing different things here on Belletristica. In your profile settings, you can choose one of the titles you've unlocked to be displayed on your profile.

Unlocking Titles

You unlock titles mostly by earning achievements or medals. Not all achievements bring titles with them, but you can see which ones do by looking at your achievement overview. Gold medals always unlock a new title.

Unique Titles

Some titles are unique and can only be given to certain people. This, above all, affects the Belletristica Team in order for you to recognize us.

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