The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

What does Unpublishing mean?

Sometimes it happens, that you want to take one of your books, or individual chapters of it, off the system for some time, yet you don't want to outright delete them. This can have a multitude of reasons. For example, you might feel the need to re-order some chapters, or thoroughly edit some parts once more.

When you unpublish a book or chapter, you get to keep all the comments, views and likes you got so far. Also, your book is not removed from your readers' favorite lists, and your fans won't lose the bookmarks they've put into your books.

While a book or chapter is unpublished, a placeholder page will be shown instead, to let your audience know that this content is currently unpublished.

Unpublishing and Gamification

As long as a book or chapter is unpublished, it doesn't count towards your stats, medals or achievements, nor do its comments, views, and likes. You also lose the proportionate amout of Fairy Dust and possibly even levels.

An unpublished work counts as if it had never been published, or as if it had been deleted. However, once you re-pubish it, you'll immediately get everything back.

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