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About Belletristica

What is Belletristica?

Belletristica is an independent internet platform for authors all over the world. Every writer is cordially invited to publish their texts and discuss them with like-minded people. Also, it offers an environment where authors can advertise their awesome publications and projects completely free of charge.

Is Belletristica really free?

Yes. We will never add any features that require money.

Why do you develop Belletristica?

Because we want to. Stories are made to be shared. We believe that every writer should have a good place to publish their works. Moreover, we just love the challenge and we have an incredible amount of fun doing it.


What are you currently working on?

We give our best every day, to further improve Belletristica! If you want to know what we're up to next, take a look at our roadmap: Belletristica Roadmap

How can I support Belletristica?

Thanks for asking! Currently, you can help us the most by telling other writers about Belletristica. Show us to your friends, introduce us to your parents. Share us on Facebook. We just started doing this, so we really, really depend on the support of our community.

My Texts

Is there a limit, how much I should upload?

No. We actually get this question quite often. The truth is that we appreciate every single new text, so you don't need to hold yourself back at all.

How do I create new texts?

First, you need to create an account. Once you're signed in, the option "Write text" will appear in the menu bar.

Who can see my texts?

Nearly everything posted on Belletristica (texts, profiles, comments) is visible for everyone, including users who are not registered. Your unpublished drafts however, are of course only accessible to you.

How do views work?

We build an IP-based System so that it won't be so easy to artificially push up the view-counter of own texts, and so that you don't need to feel guilty when you visit your own texts often. Every user, no matter if signed-in or not, will only count as one view just once in every few minutes.

How do ratings work?

If you liked a text, you can click on the thumbs up icon to support it. This makes the text rise up in our rankings, and shows other users that it is worth reading. All ratings are anonymous.

How does youth protection work?

Texts that might disturb some of our younger members should be marked as 18+ (or be marked as 18+ by our team). Such texts can only be read after a warning message, and only if the user confirms to be old enough as well as willing to read the text. This mechanism can be deactivated in your profile settings.

What kinds of texts need to be put under youth protection?

Explicit depictions of sex, very graphic descriptions of violence and potentially disturbing topics like drug abuse or suicide. We don't want to put up some kind of sterile rule system at this point, but count on your good reasoning instead. Every text is unique, and the decision if it needs youth protection can't be generalized. We will however, take care that harsher texts are properly marked.

PM-System & Chat

How do personal messages work?

You can start a private conversation with any other user. After the first message is sent, your partner will show up among your contacts. As the name implies, such conversations are not visible to other users. By the way, wether or when you already read a message is not visible to the other person - we think that this is your concern only.

How does the chat work?

All registred users are invited to join our chat. Even if you're just starting out - feel free to drop by and jump right into the action. When posting chat-messages, please be aware that most channels are visible to the public. Only the channels "Creative Support" and "Protected Channel" are limited to registred users.

How do cocktails and font-styles work?

In our chat, your can mix drinks for you and your friends via the cocktail-button. Just chose your ingredients, and your font-style in the chat will change accordingly. If you chose "Drink it yourself", the effects will only affect you. If you chose "Mix it for everyone", you'll put a tray with drinks into the chat, and everyone can klick to take one.


Do I keep all the rights to my texts?

Of course. Belletristica doesn't make any possessory claims to your texts. Everything you publish stays your intellectual property.

I'm afraid my texts might be stolen.

Whenever you upload one of your texts to Belletristica, you have officially published it. Nobody may copy your texts without your explicit, written permission. Moreover, we can always confirm the exact date when you published a specific text on Belletristica.

My Account

Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes. We even encourage you to do so, and experiment with pseudonyms. It can be really fun to try out new roles, maybe to write in completely different genres. However, please don't use your other accounts to get yourself any unfair advantages (like up-voting yourself).

Will my account ever be deleted due to inactivity?

No, we don't see any reason for this. Accounts on Belletristica have an infinite lifespan. Even if you come back after being gone for many years, you'll always be welcome.

How can I delete my account?

Simply write a PM to Ben, saying that you want your account to be deleted. We would really appreciate a brief feedback, why you were unhappy here, so we can improve ourselves in the future.

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