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On valentine's day we celebrate mostly relationships that society deems as 'normal'. Two people, loving each other, having sex on some kind of regular basis, and well... that's it mostly.

But there are so much more kinds of relationship out there and I want to celebrate them together with you.

So, in the week before valentine's, we will dedicate one day each to a kind of relationship, and publish stories about them.

These are the topics:

February 7th: Friendship and/or Family

February 8th: Queer platonic and/or aromantic relationships

February 9th: Asexual relationships

February 10th: Open relationships and/or friendship plus

February 11th: Poly-Relationships

February 12th: The relationship with oneself

February 13th: Other relationships

The 13th option is for everything I forgot or just don't know about. You can go wild with this one, as long as it stays inside of the law ;)

I wasn't sure if I should pack Open relationships together with friendship plus or with ploy, there are arguments for and against both options, so that is what I decided on.

Of course I know that not every aromantic relationship has to be queer-platonic and that you don't need to be aro to be in a queer platonic relationship, but I think there are enough intersections that they fit nicely together to be celebrated on the same day.

I will collect all the links to your stories and put them in a collection book for people to be able to find everything at one glance.


- You have to post the Story on the date dedicated to the relationship

- There can be mixes of relationships (like for example queer platonic and poly). In that case choose one of the days that fit best to post the story but tell me that there are multiple topics so I can put it in multiple categories in the collection book.

- The story has to be finished when you upload it.

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