A Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words
keep people repeating without thinking.
Those people don't know how powerful a thousand words can be.
They don't understand the weight of carefully placed letters,
Of carefully seeded thoughts between the lines.
A good picture can express more than a thousand words,
But a thousand minor words.
A single picture will never be able
To replace the empty space
between a thousand
carefully collected words.



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    Sehr schön umschrieben du hast ja so recht! :-)

  • Author Portrait

    Great thought. But you need to find people willing to read these thousand words. I fear, it's a dying capability.

  • Author Portrait

    this one makes me think:-)

  • Author Portrait

    Spannende Gedanken... mit einem glitzernden Funken empty space wie eine Perle rund um deine Worte:-)

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