I know a sinner that goes
by the names on shaking lips
I know of longing that grows
in your lonely fingertips
I know a river that flows
in the valley of your hips

turn your shudders into grins
as their steam escapes your skin
evaporate unto the sky
caress me faceless as it cries
I'll shut my eyes and spread my jaws
to soak my virtues in your flaws
while the hail bleeds down my fangs
and bathes the neck, by rope that hangs
amid the howling of your name
squeezing veins that pulse with shame

be the scythe that shaves me bare
my greedy boatman, the executioner
and I'll merge my surge of being
with your shores of new beginnings
where we'll dent the dampened sands
in a clasp of snaking hands
as our vining spines entwine
'til the dark forgets to shine

obliviate what mornings said
to lonely creases of your bed
when you wept their wintry dew
over things I never knew
by the sins that made you sacred
give in to taking, make love to hatred
to flesh that awaits
its final sensation
in a vessel of death,
my glimpse of salvation.


Fairy Dust



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