I'm driving home for Christmas,
And I would wish to see those faces,
With nobody next to me,
Every day is just the same.

And it's been so long
Since I have been there,
Alone I'll sing this song
'Cause time passed you away.

It took much time, learning I'll be alone there.
I'm still missing you around,
But now you are in heaven, yeah,
You are up there on holy ground.

So I sing for you
And 'cause you can't hear me,
The tears get through
You are not near me.

Alone here in my car,
Those will be some lonely days.
With a thousand memories.

At Christmas you had always been next to me,
But it's no longer the same,
Not the same.

All alone at Christmas
There is nobody all around,
All my loved ones are in heaven, yeah,
Watching me from holy ground.

So I sing for you,
And you're not with me,
The tears get through,
'Cause you're not near me.

All alone at Christmas
With a thousand memories.

I remember when you were next to me,
Without you it's not the same,
Not the same.


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    Ein sehr berührendes Gedicht! Ich könnte es mir sehr gut als ein Liedtext vorstellen. 5/5

  • Author Portrait

    Ich finde es -im gegensatz zu deiner Meinung/deines Klappentextes- wie üblich ein sehr gelungenes und berührendes Gedicht. Wirklich gut gemacht. :)

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    Wundervoll und berührend, ich habe dir schon vor einiger Zeit 5 Sterne dafür gegeben. Nur noch nicht kommentiert. Ganz toll gemacht! :-)

  • Author Portrait

    Sehr schön und sehr traurig...

  • Author Portrait

    Very good! LG Carmen

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