I stepped upon a willow tree
and slipped under its roots,
where earth was soft and water-soaked,

and dark surrounded me.

Above my head, the tree grew high,
and howled a silent song
that sounded in my heart and bone

and echoed through the sky.

The willow swayed and water streamed
under its ancient roots,
I lay down in their arms and slept

until I softly dreamed:

I dreamed of coloured autumn days
and hills of red and green,
I heard your smile and saw your voice,

I dreamed of your embrace.

And if I free the willow tree
from its mighty roots,
and move it to a distant land

and plant it by the sea—

then I will walk along the shore,
wherever roads may lead,
up to the stars and further still,
‘til I can walk no more.


Fairy Dust



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