On the nineteen-forty-first
April in the lands dispersed
Came the hunger and the thirst
Forcing countless hearts to burst

,,Get in the wagon or die like the others"
they spared only kids, and bewidowed mothers
gave them no food and sealed off the shutters
many have died, between the train's shudders

those that survived were rushed to the camp
given some clothes, all filthy and damp
confined in barracks, all rotting and clamped
many tried to escape, getting shot at the ramp

among the tortured, a five year old boy
he was missing his dad, and his favorite toy
,,Mama where is Papa?", he severed the noise
and that's when his mother forgot all the joys

she looked at her child, but what could she say
her husband was killed, by servants of haye
she filled up with fear, as soldiers portrayed
and hugging her son, she started to pray

,,We're taking the women", an officer said
,,Nobody move, for that you'll regret"
she felt her baby cry, faceplanting her chest
,,Don't leave me Mama!", the parting was fast

she cried out to God, but only Satan replied
she begged for her child, but that was denied
they tore off her rags and carved out her spine
then brutally raped her, until her last sigh

the little boy waited, but mom never came
he got to a thought, maybe he was to blame
if he only kept quiet, maybe Mama would stay
if he only had friends, he'd be able to play

not long after that, the soldiers walked in
one looked at the boy, eyes gleaming with sin
,,Get up little pig, we're taking you to The Room"
the boy never knew, he was facing his doom.

in a hall with no windows, where the enemy gloats
a race took place, winner slits the most throats
the sargeant was leading, ahead by two deaths
but he suddenly stopped, something gave him unrest

he turned around and shook, hearing only the cries
a very old man, was staring into his eyes
his gaze was on fire, and he wasn't moving
,,Listen here pig, just quit what you're doing"

but the man never blinked, not even a twitch
,,Did you hear me pig? You'll burn in a ditch"
the man kept looking, as sharp as a sting
then he opened his mouth, and started to sing:

As we fill the fire
ashes paint the trees
feeding their desire
for we cannot flee

my mother sweet
my father brave
my child meek
my certain grave

my brother strong
my sister fair
my lover's song
my paled hair

wait for me a little longer
there is something I must do
in the dark I long have wandered
dancing lights revealed the truth

today we spurn
for our glee
today they burn
for we are free

For we are free.

,,BURN", a shout rose from the crowd
sargeant lifted his arm, but nobody cowed
a man broke it in half, for freedom he trowed
the old man shouted,, Now reap what you sowed"

soldiers were shooting, but they were too few
the people expressed, the anger they grew
they smiled in blood, hundred corpses astrew
but all the joy ended, as the door came askew

,,FOR WE ARE FREE", a man slit the fear
they ran to the door, like freedom was near
instead of their death, a wonder appeared
they stopped for a second, to see if it's real

the barracks were empty, all troops deployed
people were fighting, and proving their foy
the enemies scattered, their tactic destroyed
and that's when a path, lit up for the boy.

he ran past the ramp, and clambered the hill
he thought if he stops, he's sure to get killed
so he ran until he fell, the shouting was shrill
he stood up to turn, when raw fear instilled

watching from the hill, he started to cry
the enemy used a tank, and everyone died
he was still alive, and now he wonders why
he fled the gray forest and didn't turn around

now he wonders, with every breath he inhales
why he was the one, to survive all the bales
for he is just a man, how did he prevail?
for he is very old, and lives to tell the tale.


Fairy Dust



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