Calm before the storm

On the night before Sasha’s big day I was probably more nervous than he was. I had prepared the entire day, from breakfast to lunch and then drinks just the two of us until we would meet everyone at Sasha’s favorite restaurant for dinner. „Why are you so nervous baby?“ he asked while we were brushing our teeth getting ready for bed. „I don’t know, tomorrow is your big day. I just want it to be perfect.“ He spat out his toothpaste and rinsed his mouth. He motioned me to do the same. When I was finished he took my face into his hands. „Baby, honestly, you have done so much. My family doesn’t care about my birthday. They never have. They barely remember it each year. So whatever you will do, it will be better than what I am used to.“ I couldn’t stop the tears from filling my eyes. How could his family be like that? Mine would go all out each and every year, and every time I thought that they couldn’t be more embarrassing or corny they were and I loved them for it. I hugged him tight and whispered „Don’t worry, it will be so much better than that.“


I had set my alarm for 8 as I knew Sasha liked to sleep in until at least 10. That gave me 2 hours to get breakfast started and also get myself ready. After I showered and fixed my hair and make up I went into the kitchen to cut fresh fruit and make pancakes. As I put them on the plate and covered them I brewed some coffee and took bacon out of the fridge. It all smelled so delicious I wanted Sasha to wake up right away because my stomach was growling. When the bacon and the eggs were done, the coffee was poured and the little cupcake I had bought was decorated with a candle I glanced at the clock. It was 10.18 which was perfect. I put a coffee, the cupcake and a plate of pancakes and bacon on a tray and slowly balanced it towards our bed room. Sasha was still asleep his face turned towards the wall. „Happy birthday, sleepy head.“ I placed the tray on the night stand and went over to kiss him on the cheek. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled. „Hey gorgeous.“ I grinned more than if it had been my birthday. „Hey birthday boy, breakfast is waiting for you. I gestured to the tray and he propped himself up on his elbows to see better. „That looks amazing, baby. Thank you so much.“ „I would sing, but I will spare you.“ „I am sure your voice is angelic.“ He winked. „Do you want to eat here or in the kitchen?“ „The kitchen, I think.“ As he pulled some sweat pants over his boxers I carried the tray back into the kitchen. So far everything had gone exactly as planned.

After breakfast we moved the party to the bedroom and only got up because we had to pick up our picnic basket for lunch at the place I ordered it. We took it to the English Gardens and while I set out all the delicious little treats they had packed for us I could see Sasha looking at me. „What’s up?“ „Oh nothing, I am just so happy. You really made this day perfect.“ „It’s not over yet.“ I winked. He opened the bottle of sparkling wine included in the package and poured its contents into to plastic champagne flutes. „Are you ready for your present?“ „I am, but I think I want to wait until tonight, ok? This is so amazing, I don’t want to miss a second of just being with you.“ „Oh, ok, sure.“ I was a little disappointed but then again it was sweet that presents were not as important as being with me. I toasted to him and his health in my best Russian and I could tell he was proud. „I love you very much Emma.“ My cheeks felt funny from smiling so much.

We had a short afternoon nap to sleep off the alcohol. I woke up at 6.00 and decided to let Sasha sleep a little longer. We had reservations at the hotel next to the restaurant at 8, dinner would be at 8.30. This day would cost me a fortune but it was worth it. Sasha had been so happy the entire day and I could tell that I had really hit a nerve. This was something that nobody had ever done for him. I took extra care in getting ready, I put on Sasha’s favorite dark purple dress, which was a little too short for my taste and matched my make up. When I was done curling my hair, I saw Sasha standing by the bathroom door. „You look yummy.“ „Thanks baby, I was hoping you would say that.“ „Do we still have time?“ Sasha asked. „Not really. It’s already 7. We should get going soon to get there in time.“ He licked his lips „Too bad.“ He came over and kissed my neck, looking at me in the mirror. „I really am the luckiest man alive aren’t I?“ „Yes you are, I said jokingly but for the first time I felt like it was actually true.“

On the way to the bar I told Sasha that I had invited Megan too. „That’s cool. She seems nice.“ „Yeah she is. And she is looking forward to getting to know you better tonight.“ „Great, then we will do that.“ We had taken a taxi because we had been drinking before and Sasha didn’t want to bother driving around the city. I covered his hand with mine and squeezed it hard. „Are you excited for your big party tonight?“ „I am more excited to be spending my special day with you.“


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