Chapter 7

One can "mistake" one location they arrive for another, whether that's at a grocery store where a roadway looks like another down a few states over. Or even two hundred thirty miles away in the next town, where it looks like the parking lot of another grocery store. While we live in a world of hyper consumerism, as humans our minds can exist in multiple location simultaneously, across time and space, seeing multiple places at once.

When one connects multiple Thumb Drives in domes made from biodegradable sand bags, one can disconnect from this paradoxical matrix. Rather than the world wide web, one can send snail mail into digital in boxes, making the issue of people stealing your messages moot. One could continue purchase boots, or one could learn to make their own clothes. With Rana, she had wanted to learn how to carve her own wooden clogs for a very long time. In this way, it is cheaper footwear that you can get in a generalized shop. These days and perhaps a couple of years in the future, this isn't an easy process. For one, it requires a kind of discipline and will power that most people don't have. With thumb drives, one can live off the corporate web, while maintaining a power grid presence. Gone are the days when, if one wanted to live off grid, one purchased some chickens, raised them to maturity, and let them spread their seed across the yard. Nowadays we have speeding bullet trains, as well as the dangers of automation, as the economy steadily becomes less and less of a presence of people's lives.

With Rana, she gave in to no having much a long time ago. While she was not yet homeless, she remembered how she had almost gotten to this point. She also remembered how her last room mate had tried to control how much food she could eat and what she could eat, contrary to the false promises that she knew were false from the very beginning, spreading like wild fire.

A few months earlier, she had began to wither her corporate network usage almost down to nothing, and nowadays lived with two thumb drives built into the walls of her sand bag domes. She connects with people in her immediate vicinity, away from the prying advertisement malware that fills the sea of web surfing. A new social life. Although one thing she had come to miss, was the ability to look up any information she needed instantly. But she also knew there was a library down town that still didn't have the sense to switch to Linux, and so she could look up what she needed there. But here she had to build every program she needed herself, rather than taking snippets from programming question web sites on the corporate net. She began to wither from the world of on line.

She watched downloaded videos.

Girls tap dancing. Rana became horny.

Rana had dreams of getting an Earth ship and an ecological Earth dome. Yet do the nature of not knowing how to drive, do to an innate fear she has had for empty patches of roads, it has made it so that it's more practical to live in the city where there is public transportation. But in the urban sprawl, there is nobody that is willing to completely make the switch to solar panels, and so if she built a house there she would stick out like a sore thumb. So time after time she has had to hold off such plans for sake of finding therapists and language teachers, and focusing on improving her ability to manipulate programming languages. On some level, despite the appeal of Dead Drops, or off corporate web file sharing networks, she wonders how much longer she can maintain her sense of privacy in the age of quantum computers and qubits.

Even on line, she finds most people are into more immediate housing solutions, such as living in scaled down apartments in Tokyo, among other things beyond her scale of riches. And that's among the kindest of cybernetic bitches, who seemed relatively resigned to the age of lack of privacy. Adware spyware increasingly blending into a single form of toxicity on the corporate web and in the street lights, and military starlights. Gone were the days when she cared about UFO disclosure, although she still follows along with people like Stephen Basset and Richard Dolan, among the least fringe of the exopolitical party. But her party revolved more around hacktivism meeting with exopolitics, with her concerns primarily in the realm of ensuring that whatever free energy devices she wanted to develop, would be done utilizing free and open source software. She had dropped Windows months ago, and now there wasn't any way she could possibly go back. And yet some devices she used were more intended for proprietary operating systems, with file encryption solutions focusing largely on Microsoft. She hashed, shredded, and deleted this software and rolled her own version despite the advice to the contrary.

Yet at night she still wants to write children's stories, despite the reality of writing Cyberpunk fiction and thinly veiled Autobiographical stories. And she herself felt at times she was a character in a quantum scale electronic book that had an ending she felt was a forgone conclusion, but only getting the taste of a small part of this misery. And it's in this smug realization of her looming demise, that she wants to live her life the best she can. Even if that means only fifty more years, with some of this time after World War III.

She wanted a file sharing solution that outlived the net.

She wanted to be her own Internet.


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