Chapter Eight

Arline, February 14th 2017 at 11:09 A.M. At coordinates 24 x and 31 y. Green, hilly, non-humid. Underdeveloped. Dirt beneath your feet. Low population density. Culture shock, changed times. Invasion. Remnants of a former life. Though this wasn't the first time she honed in on a location more than once, it was the second time she honed on Egypt specifically. An invasion. In invasion from where? She didn't know exactly who was invading Egypt.

She knew that various deals between US and Russia were made. There were often secret covert wars undeclared officially. Just recently there was an American Raid on Yemen, that ended up being more disastrous for the invaders than the ones who were invaded upon. They didn't manage to apprehend the terrorist they were looking for. Makes one wonder whether they were really looking for terrorists, or if they really wanted to just grab resources.

This and many other instances. Why Egypt, Uzbekistan, and parts of Russia showed up in her viewing sessions didn't know exactly. She knew that Egypt in times past had to worry about the lake around the Fertile Crescent running dry, although she was unsure whether it was still a present issue do to the nature of importation of life sustaining goods. Though some things important overseas tend to have a higher tax, however that's more going into the US. She remembered reading parts of the Dune novels, and how there were wars about the resource of spice. Perhaps Oil was like Spice in the Dune novels. Only the Worms were not crawling in the sand, but were humans of flesh and blood. People of the East.

Virtual Reality is only a factor in developed nations, although Eastern Countries are becoming increasingly developed. But the rate of development by the West out paces this, at least for now. While teenagers play virtual reality games the next stage of the evolution of first person shooters, those in worlds afar play ball games from skin of one of their dead pet pigs.

And so the world goes on.

Further moments between war and peace.

Arline, February 14th 2017 at 17:59 hours. Coordinates 15 x and 24 y. Wet, sandy, hilly; green, light brown, aqua blue. Sea voyages for food. Invaders at large. She found she was sensing Sudan, Africa. Africa was an extremely large continent, part of which was invaded by the US armed service during the Libyan Civil War. Various places in Africa were invaded during the 19th century by European Imperialism. However now there are proxy wars overseas.

There was nothing made out of metal besides the towers illuminated in yellow. She hoped that these places would not become a target for American extremism, whose brand of democracy loomed larger over the previous countless wars both known and hidden from the masses. Very few people realize how after Vietnam, live coverage of the war was explicitly forbidden. So one is left to merely infer that presidents that authorize specific conflicts were war criminals. Today California is wanting to become an independent republic largely because of some of the things the current elect is threatening. Time will tell whether after the resignation of his adviser, whether dirt would be revealed about him and take him out of office.

Think of the African children on sea voyages, searching for fish as one of the few things they are able to find to eat. While it is not Egypt, it is still more difficult to find food compared to the US. And now the current US administration is almost like an alien invader in different parts of the world. A lot of entertainment about alien invasions are thinly hidden critiques about American imperialism, although apparently to hidden from those who previously worked in office.

Behold the green grass, the deserts, and the rain. Here lies the African children, invaded by the men with tanks. As the tanks roll on forever.

Arline goes off line.


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