Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Later that day, when the darkness had started to fall upon London, which apparently happened fast due to the season and some stars that were still missing, the Doctor cared to retrieve the things from his pockets. From the shelf, he reclaimed two rubber bands which he had used to connect two atomic multiplicators a week ago, an air freshener, a keychain with a lantern, Donna's hand lotion, a toothbrush, a rubber duck, and a sharpie. Everything except for the TARDIS coral, which according to Rose, was held down in the basement. He was to take a look at it a bit later.

There was a knock on the door. Rose entered carefully, both her hands occupied. In one hand she held three shopping bags and in the other a portfolio. The Doctor rushed to her side to help.

"Thanks." she said as he took the bags from her. The Doctor shot her a confused look. "You didn't expect to live in that suit for the rest of your life, did you?" then he looked at the portfolio. "And this is your identity."

"When did you-" he began.

"Last night. I couldn't sleep so I made some online shopping for you and dad took care of the documents." Rose shrugged, handing him the papers. "When I first came here, mum was able to seize the identity of the old Jackie Tyler, but for me, I was someone new. So," Rose sat on his bed. "From now on you're John Jack Smith."

"Jack?" he made a face. "Why Jack?"

"John Smith is too generic. John Jack Smith is more believable. "

He gazed at the information. Allegedly, his mother's name was Jane Smith and his father's name was Jack Harkness. He was 32 of age, his blood type was B-Positive and he was born in Manchester on the 24 of October.

The Doctor then opened the first shopping bag and at the sight of it, he cringed.

"Sorry," Rose said. "You don't like them."

"No, no. It's not that. Is just..." he bit his inner cheek. "I own things, Rose. Never have I thought I'd own things. Owning things is so..."



"Well, dig deeper. I'm sure you'll like that one." she pointed. "To be honest, I don't know your style. I thought that since you looked like him, you might have the same taste. So I just bought it."

"Oh, Rose. This is fantastic!" he exclaimed and she could've sworn there was a slight Northen accent to be heard. Her heart skipped a beat. "Molto bene!" he continued as he took out what seemed to be a brown trench coat. It wasn't exactly the same as his old one, but that one would do.

After pulling it on, he twirled proudly. Rose just watched his excitement from afar, lost in her thoughts. He looked exactly like him. The same appearance, that was for sure, maybe just a bit taller than the other Doctor. But the rest... same smile, same laughter, same energy. Yet he was still not the same man.

"Rose?" he called when he saw her staring. Rose shook her head, taking her eyes away.


"Where did you get this?" the Doctor lifted slowly his sonic screwdriver. Rose's heart sunk.

She rose from the bed, gathering the empty bags that were to be thrown away, then paced around as if looking for more trash.

"Rose." he called again.

"Look," she peered him straight in the eye. "I just got it, okay? I thought you might want to have it and I can't use it." with that, she dashed out of the room.


The next morning after packing some clothes and the TARDIS coral and placing them inside Rose's car, they found themselves in the busy traffic towards Cardiff. They hadn't really spoken about the previous night but chose to ignore it as if it never happened.

"She had hat boxes, Rose! Boxes full of hats!" the Doctor talked about his encounter with Donna, the day they had fought to save the Earth from Adipose.

They were having a great time, laughing and talking about their personal adventures while they weren't together. And Rose almost believed him to be the proper Doctor when he spoke that way. But she didn't mind. She loved listening to his voice, it was kind of soothing.

The Doctor, on the other hand, was amazed by how she had managed to get the dimension cannon to work. When she described it, there was excitement in her voice, yet at the same time hurt and despair. Not only did the dimension canon not work anymore, but she had wasted years of her life working on it while she could've carried on, starting a new one.

"We couldn't really pick a place and a time. We practically had to look for traces of the TARDIS, void stuff. Tried bonding the dimension canon with her through telepathic fields, but since the canon was not telepathic we failed. I failed. And then one day, it starts working. Out of the blue." Rose explained. "I once ended up in Cardiff in 1869. Met Charles Dickens for a second time in a pub down Severn Road. Did you know he actually didn't write A Christmas Carol? Then when I came back I did some research. There was none, no trace of A Christmas Carol! None at all!"

"Really?!" the Doctor was surprised.

"And that's not all! Agatha Christie! Never wrote a book!" Rose widened her eyes. "She became a medical sister at 30."

"I actually met Agatha. Lovely woman. She helped me and Donna sort the problem with this giant wasp. Well, granted, it wasn't just a giant wasp. It was a Vespiform from the Silfrax Galaxy."

"Really?" Rose asked. "What was it doing there?"


It was already late in the afternoon when they reached the hotel they were to sleep at. There reserved a two beds bedroom with an ensuite and a bathroom. Shortly after taking a shower and getting dressed in more comfortable clothes, they ordered some food and some wine.

"What's the occasion?" the Doctor pointed at the bottle of alcohol.

"Haven't had one in years." she replied. Rose sat on the edge of his bed, pouring some wine in two glasses. She handed one to the Doctor. "I don't know about you, but I am in desperate need of some relaxation."

Two hours later and two bottles of wine, both the Doctor and Rose sat in silence, each in their own thoughts. The Doctor didn't believe he'd drink from that wine, but he did. And he liked it. With one hand on his forehead, he lay down his bed peeking at Rose. Her cheeks were flushed red and he could see her eyes not able to concentrate on one thing for too long. Gathering his courage, he took a deep breath.

"Rose," he called. "we need to talk."

"Yeah?" she bit her lower lip in frustration. "What about?"

"You know what about." he stared directly into her eyes. "Rose, we need to talk about what happened on the beach-"

His sentence got abruptly interrupted by a scream down the halls. They both jumped on their feet.

"Here comes trouble."  


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    It never stops to amaze me how great you work out the relationship between Rose and the Doctor, their feelings, their pain, their struggle about the past but also the future. Just great!

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