Chapter Nine

Arline, on February 14th at 10:33 P.M. Coordinates 24 x and 13 y. Rough texture, dry and hot. Yellow hills, wide expanse. Tribal conflicts and imperialism. She visited Libya in the Murzuq district remotely. In this area, there was very little metal she found when fingering whether there was anything behind those walls. This country experienced an extended civil war after the United States invaded and over-through Qaddafi. She wasn't exactly sure what happened to his wife, or where his kids are. All she knew that the country has never been the same sense. She fears that there may be other conflicts that we don't yet know about, and with Russian intervention, and the sacking of some double agents for the Kremlin, there could have been more we would either narrowly avoid or perhaps narrowly miss avoiding.

She heard helicopters looming overhead, and wrote in her Zero liability that there was unidentified Caucasian soldiers. She wasn't sure whether these were American troopers, or African. She went off line.

There was a knock on the door, but there was always some kind of knock on the door. But there were recent discussions about ICE police trying to invite themselves into your home if you're suspect of aiding or abetting illegal immigrants. Although in her case she wasn't friends with much of anyone, and her only experience with Mexicans was on her trips to the Mexican grocery store. Still, she wasn't particularly inclined to help the coppers become totalitarian to ethnic minorities. Everyone pretty much knew that when the president "elect" talked about illegals he almost always meant Mexicans specifically, although even within this scope people wonder when he talks about people voting illegally. The only ones voting illegally were ones who rigged the system and enabled him, with his now sacked advisor, to gain office.

And now we suffer the consequences.

A total breach of security.


Arline, Tuesday February 14th at 11:46 P.M. Coordinates 14 x and 32 y. Chilly, yet not cold. Humid, overgrown with green. Mountainous. A feudal society that was once nomadic, yet now religious. There are men at an Islamic temple, dressed in white turbans. She visits Sudan again new a water fall, feeling the ions brush past her face. She wonders why this area is green in photographs, yet looks like a desert from map by satellite. There is a mud puddle in a year in a wide open expanse. She can feet the mud in the fertilized soil. She doesn't like the smell of the wild, yet perhaps this is because Arline is a city girl more used to the smell of city life.

She goes off line. She sees a black car pool up in the driveway, although it is not the typical model of MIBs. She wonders why MIBs are visiting the studio apartments. They had not made a specific appointment with the leasing agent. So she asks them to leave. So as not to cause trouble, they drive off the premises. Arline wasn't sure whether she was being watched, but promptly removed propriety closed source mapping urls from her Remote Viewer's Assistant program. A close call, she tries to relax with some vape. And then continues watching a video on line. She wanted to make sure her encrypted was working like it should. She checked to make sure all her programs only referred to open source mapping software.

So far so good.

She chilled. She watched movies about further information about the entire GOP being a haven for double agents. She wouldn't surprised if it turned out they'll eventually have to remove the entire staff. But that assumes the investigative bodies even care about it enough.

A tough bet.


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