Chapter One

Chapter One

He remembered the one time he had stranded on Lump in the Galaxy of Majolis Nebula. "The planet of Wisdom" as they had called it. It had those great glass mountains that would glow in shades of yellow, purple and blue depending on the temperature of its surroundings. It was a little planet, even smaller than the lost Moon of Poosh. And to his surprise it was reigned by a single person: King Jdoka VII. And the people loved him, oh, so much. Blimey, they would've taken a bullet for him. Literally.

In the battle of Majolis River between Lump and Brisket, they had fought for hundreds of years before the Doctor had come to change their minds. He held one of the best speeches ever spoken that night while it rained. His lungs became sore not long after.

And now he was stranded on Darlig Ulv Stranden with Rose and Jackie Tyler, unable to say a single word. Not even one. Not one single syllable, a vowel, anything!

"Right," Jackie approached the two. "I've phoned your father. D'you know what? Rubbish that Doctor of yours, I tell ya'! Bloody Norway! No wonder he brought you one year later home if he can't even get the place right."

"Oi!" the Doctor raised his voice. "It's not like I can pick and choose!"

"It was a dimension crack, Mum," Rose explained. "He barely slipped us through."

"Yeah, now you're taking his side. S' not like we're gonna freeze to death anyway, ey?" there was sarcasm in Jackie's voice. She rolled her eyes.

"Mum, I'd be more worried about what Dad will say about your little trip if I were you." Rose said. "He did say not to come."

"Yeah, well I couldn't leave ya'. So he'll have to just deal with it." Jackie scoffed. "There's a motel just up the hill if we walk that way." she pointed north. "Last time we ended up here I had to drink cold tea because of you." she now talked to the Doctor. "Would've been nice if the Doctor chose a warmer place like… I don't know, Hawaii?"

Jackie's words slowly faded away as she looked over at the sea. It was the same as always, Rose thought, cold and humid and a little bit windy. She hugged herself as they walked up the hill and over to the motel that Jackie had specified. And as they walked, she noticed tears rolling down her cheeks. Silent tears. Warm tears. Tears of pain and anguish.

The Doctor took a peek at Rose, only to see her emotionless face and rosy cheeks wet. His singular heart broke. If this were the case in the other Universe he would've hugged her and told her that everything's okay. And as much as he wanted to do so, he did not want to put himself and her into an awkward situation. Especially with Jackie around them.


Apart from being extremely exhausted, which oh God it was disgusting, the Doctor felt fine. Maybe a little bit itchy around some areas of his body and some organs were slightly shifted, but that had something to do with his body adjusting to the new world. Pete's World, as he previously named it. And he was still not sure about his time senses, which were a bit shaken too ever since his creation when Donna touched his hand. The Doctor wiggled his fingers. In the back of his mind, he chuckled. This stupid, fighting hand. In all fabrication of reality, he grew out of a hand. A bit like worms, he though quoting his best friend Donna.

The awkward tension that had created itself as they rode a zeppelin back to London made them really uncomfortable to talk to each other, so Rose had decided for a nap in the even more uncomfortable chair. She fell asleep almost immediately but kept waking up in between 'cause of the position she was sitting in.

The Doctor found himself very pleased when they had landed, stretching his legs he took a deep breath smelling the freshness in the air. Then they hopped into a limousine that drove them back to Tyler's mansion, now incredibly different from the outside.

The garden seemed bigger, he noticed. And there were a lot more flowers around since last time.

"Now, before we go in," Rose surprised him when she spoke. He hadn't heard her voice for hours. "Tony is a bit… energetic."

"Pfft," the Doctor scoffed. "I can handle energetic, Rose Tyler. I am the pure definition of energetic. I mean, look at me." he jumped once. "Reality bomb, fighting against Daleks and I'm still hopping." he grinned.

And as he took his last hop, the Doctor fainted.

"Mum," Rose called. "The Doctor! Help me get him into the house!"


There was a crepuscular ray creeping through the curtains of the room he had been sleeping in. The Doctor flung his eyes open followed by a gasp. He abruptly rose but regretted it when a strange wave of pain passed his body. He winced, rubbing the back of his head with his left hand. His throat was a bit dry, well, when he thought dry, he didn't mean just dry, he meant dry as in really reaaaaallly dry. The Doctor looked to his left and right, still unable to see clearly. After a yawn and a stretch, he shook his head to reason with his tiredness. Disgusting, he thought again.

The Doctor found himself in a beige room with golden accents on the wall and small little details in white. There were two curtains hanging in front of the two big windows. When he looked outside, he could see the green garden of the mansion and a weird looking statue of a beast. There were two ottoman seats at the end of the bed, one of them slightly displaced. It must've been moved, he whispered. Then at his right, he noticed a nightstand and on the nightstand a cup of tea. A pink cup of tea. A pink cup of cold tea.

The Doctor tried to remember what happened, but failed terribly, hence the headache he felt approaching.

"Mum," Rose called. "The Doctor! Help me get him into the house!"

"Blimey," Jackie ran up to them. "What's he done now?"

The two women pulled him up, one at each side of the Doctor's, his arms around their necks. "It must be the regeneration. His body is trying to adjust." Rose explained.

"But I though this one was human."

"He is!" Rose replied, maybe a bit louder than expected. "I… I don't know. Let's just get him inside."

"Pete! Get your arse down here!" Jackie yelled for her husband.

When Pete Tyler opened the door to the mansion, he froze. He certainly did not expect the Doctor at his porch yet there he was. "What happened to him?" he asked while rushing to their side.

"He just collapsed." Jackie said, at which the Doctor opened his eyes again, then dropped.

After changing him into some jim-jams that Pete had lent her, which for the record were a bit too large for the Doctor's slim body, and tucking him into bed, Rose sat on one of the ottomans in the room. She felt her head fall forwards and her elbows resting on her knees.

All that time spending with the Doctor. And for what? So unfair, she thought. And it wasn't unfair only to her, but to this Doctor as well. If… he were the Doctor anymore. The Doctor, the real Doctor, should've thought twice before making such a reckless decision. Who was he to decide anyway? He had no right! No right at all! He was was so selfish and self-absorbed, he had forgotten that she also had a mind of her own. Rose was mad at the Doctor, the proper Doctor, the full Time Lord Doctor. And not only was she mad, but she was also extremely hurt as well. He had rejected her feelings and everything she felt for him. And now this Doctor was also stuck with her. No more TARDIS, no more time travel, no more planets saving. And it was rubbish and as mentioned, unfair.

There was a gentle knock at the door. Jackie peeked her head in. "Made some tea." she said. "D'you think he'd like one too?"

Rose shifted in her seat. After a moment of silence, she finally turned to face her mother. "What do I do, mum?" her voice cracked, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Oh, my little girl." Jackie rushed to her side, taking Rose into a tight embrace. She placed a kiss on her forehead.

"What do I do?" Rose asked again as if trying to find the answer herself. "I don't know. The only thing I can do right now is wait. And I hate waiting so much. I've waited 5 years to see him. And now? Look at me! Look where I am. Stuck again in a parallel dimension."

And they sat there in the stillness of the night for some time.

After a while, Jackie took her daughter's face in her palms to look into her eyes. "Rose, you can't live like this. Come, let's have some tea. The Doctor will be fine. We just need to give him some time like last time, right?"

"Yeah, but-"

"No buts. I am tired of seeing Rose Marion Tyler cry." Jackie rose from the ottoman. "We'll be waiting for you downstairs."


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