Chapter Six

"The breach is open! Into the void! Ha!" the Doctor exclaimed. Looking behind, he saw both Cybermen and Daleks get lifted off their feet and into the air. They were all being sucked into the void, rapidly and with great force.

"Offline." he heard a robotic voice say. Turning around, he noticed that Rose's lever had moved a little.

"I've got to get it upright!" Rose gasped for air, fighting the suction that was now slowly decreasing, and after multiple failures, she managed to lock it back on.

"Online and Locked."

Rose grabbed onto the lever with all her might, yet the power of the suction was so strong, her fingers felt like slipping away.

"Rose, hold on!" she heard him cry.

The Doctor saw her body being horizontally pulled towards the void, and as much as he had tried to reach her, his arms weren't long enough. His hearts were furiously beating inside his chest, 'Hold on! Hold on! Hold on!' he thought, 'Please, Rose! Hold on!'

He squinted his eyes at the severe light that was coming from the direction of the wall, then he gazed back at her. And her hands. Her hands whose fingers were slipping away.

"NO!!" he yelled. It was such a loud and long 'no' that even the other dimension could've heard it. He broke at the image of Rose now nearing the void through the air. "NO!"

But right before getting sucked in, Rose felt her body being caught. And then she stood in front of a white wall. She looked around. No. Hands shivering and chest exploding, she hit the wall. Once. Twice. Three times. Hammering it with all her might. "Take me back! Take me back!" she screamed, tears dripping down her cheeks. "Take me back!!"

Even now, how was he able to hear her? How was he able to hear her cry? How was he able to feel her through?

Slowly, he leaned against the wall with his ear. 'Rose..'


Rose reached to the hair tie on the nightstand to tie her hair up. "You had a nightmare."

The Doctor looked curious. "Did I?" he asked. "I don't remember having one."

"Yeah, you had one when we arrived home too. I thought it must've been like the last time with the Doctor. With... the other Doctor."

"Last time I was regenerating energy to keep me alive."

"That's why I put a cup of tea beside you." she explained. "Thought you'd wake up and drink it."

The Doctor stood up. "Well, I'd like to have one now." he fought a yawn. "So, after you." he pointed at the bathroom door.

He watched her as she got up and left, leaving him to sit on the edge of the bed, contemplating. The Doctor pressed two fingers on his temples, massaging them a bit, then sighed.

He had lied to her.

After taking showers and checking on the TARDIS coral which they had taken with them, Rose and the Doctor found themselves waiting in the lounge for breakfast.

"Excuse me." the Doctor called after a waiter. There stood a beautiful man in his 20' with big brown eyes and ginger hair. He was holding their Menus. "Is there a shop around here? Just a little one. Doesn't have to be big. Just a shop so people can... shop."

"I'm very sorry." the other man replied. "We do not have one. You could try Bayley's over the street." and then he left.

The Doctor looked at Rose, mouth slightly open and brows furrowed. "Rude." he said, at which Rose laughed out loud. "Oi! Watch it, Earth girl!"

Rose gasped. "Earth...girl?"

"Sorry. That must be Donna's DNA." he shook his head. "I'm trying to stop, but she keeps popping in."

"I don't mind it."

"You don't?" the Doctor seemed surprised.

"No. It's've got a new character." she shrugged. "It's different."

"Good different or bad different?" he grinned.

"Just...different." she grinned back.

After breakfast, coffee and a short drive, they pulled up in the parking lot of Torchwood. Of course, no one beside them knew it was Torchwood's lot, but they had to hide their existence anyway.

They both entered what seemed to be a little souvenir shop. She rang the bell on the desk and waited patiently.

"How may I help you?" a man in a black suit exited without looking up. "We have maps over here," he pointed left. "souvenirs here," he pointed right. "and coffee."

"Hello, Ianto." Rose grinned.

"Rose!" he exclaimed. "Is so good to see you!"

"Care to let us in?"

"Us?" Ianto asked, then looked behind at the Doctor. "Oh. Who-"

"I'm the Doctor. Pleasure to meet you!" they shook hands, but Ianto could not stop staring. He turned from the Doctor to Rose and then back to the Doctor.

"Sorry, I didn't know." Ianto laughed awkwardly. "I thought... Sorry, I didn't expect you to end up here. Ianto. Ianto Jones."

"No one did." Rose interjected. "It's a really long story. Let us through?"

After Ianto had pushed a button under his desk, a giant door opened and they ambled through, the walls revealing a cold and dark ambiance that would've made Rose shiver if it were the first time she came here. The Doctor slowly locked fingers with her, afraid of her reaction. And yet to his surprise, she didn't argue.

Was it okay for him to think that they were getting closer?

"Rose Tyler!!" an Asian woman threw her arms in the air, smiling happily. After nearly tearing each other apart in a hug, they exchanged glances. "And who is this fella?" she said to the Doctor.

"I'm the Doctor."

"No, you're not." the woman replied. She tilted her head slightly. "No way." she looked at Rose. "NO WAY! Oi, Owen! Come up here!"

"I'm busy!!" yelled a voice from the autopsy room. "What is it?" he came up the stairs, wearing a white bloody coat and a knife in his hand. "Oh, I suppose you're the Doctor. I'm Owen Harper. I'd shake your hand, but..."

"And I'm Toshiko Sato." the Asian woman continued. "Wait. Owen, how did you know it was him?"

"Rose Tyler brings a man around for the first time and she brings him to Torchwood. Pretty obvious if you ask me." Owen rolled his eyes. "Now, I'd stay with you and chit-chat but some of us got work to do."

"Wait, Owen!" Rose called. "I think I've got something more important than cutting up corpses."

"Cutting up monster corpses. So, what's the deal?"

"The Doctor needs a doctor." she replied. "Wow. That's something I never thought I'd say."

"You want me to examine your boyfriend? You know, if you really wanted a good shag, you should've said."

At that, complete silence fell over Torchwood Three. They all stared at Owen. But not the Doctor. Oh, no. The Doctor didn't stare. He glared. With fury.

Owen panted silently. "Follow me." he said to the Doctor.


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