Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

They took the liberty to grab some covers and lay them on the ground under the starry night of September. Luckily, the ground wasn't wet. They sat down.

The Doctor took a bite from the sandwich Rose made and gazed up.

"Normally, there are one thousand million stars in this Galaxy. I can see only 80 thousand million." he said. "No wonder it's so dark outside, it's not even winter."

Rose's look fell on the lines that the Moon created on the Doctor's face. He was beautiful. Maybe not the most handsome man in the world, but he was utterly beautiful.

"I'm so hot." the Doctor grabbed at his collar.

"Yes, you are." Rose said. She opened her eyes widely, did she say that out loud?

But the Doctor didn't reply. Instead, he lay down on his back, his hands under his head. He took a good sniff of the air.

"Wish I could take you up there." he said. "The stars. I want to take you up there again."

"And you will." she continued, joining him into staring at the balls of light. "One day."

"Yeah, but I want to do it now. Not when we're old and rusty. I want us to run."

"Is not like you to be so pessimistic." Rose turned to see him.

"Ever since I became this person, I feel like there's not enough time, Rose. Like I could die any second."

"Then don't." she hit him playfully. "Who's gonna help me fly the TARDIS then?"

"Ah, you're smart enough. You'll figure it out." he smiled. "You wouldn't need an old cranky grandpa around you."

"By the time you become a grandpa, I'll become a grandma too. Maybe you've forgotten, but I'm aging faster than you now."

The Doctor sighed. There was no more escaping or cheating death anymore, not even if he tried really hard. It was funny in a way. He used to believe that he'd never be able to go through the slow path, yet there he was. Looking at the stars with Rose Tyler. And she was sick.

"Rose, I know you don't want to talk about it but," he gathered his courage. "where did you get the sonic screwdriver?"

Rose thought for a second. "From you. Well, not you you and not the other Doctor either. It was a you from another Universe. A parallel version."

The Doctor now looked attentively at her. She continued. "Remember when Donna created multiple parallel Universes around her? That's when I jumped in. I managed to slip through into one of them. I was so close. So bloody close." her eyes became slightly watery.

"What's happened?"

"She never met you. And that changed the whole course of creation. And by not meeting you, the whole world fell apart. And by that..." her voice cracked slightly. "so did the Doctor. You, I mean him, died. And I was so close." with that, tears started streaming down her cheeks and the Doctor pulled her into his arms. He squeezed tightly, pressing a kiss on the top of her head. "That's a screwdriver from a dead man's hand."

"Oh, Rose. That reality never happened. You don't have to feel guilty."

"But I am." she responded. The Doctor wiped her tears off. "I saw you, I mean him, die. And then I saw him get shot by a Dalek. I thought that was the end."

The Doctor neared her cheek with his lips, brushing the tears away. "Cry, Rose. Take it all out." he pressed his forehead against her temple.

And so she did. What seemed to be only five minutes felt like hours of crying. When she was done, her eyes were the color of cherries.

"Feeling better?" he asked, at which she nodded.

"I am. Thank you." Rose replied, burying her head in his chest. He ran a hand through her hair, playing with it. "I loved him. And he left me."

At that, his singular heart broke to pieces, scattered on the floor. It was so hurtful, so painful; she really had no idea who he was.

Yet he was okay with that. There she was in his arms, the girl he wished for. Maybe they didn't have the relationship he hoped for, but they were friends. A shoulder to cry on. And he was okay with that. Better to help her when she's down than not be able to help her at all.

"He did too." he finally replied, although he knew he was talking about himself.

"Then why did he leave?"

"Because he really believed that you'd be happier with me."


Ronnie laughed at the screen. He was watching funny videos on his computer with his pals, having a great time. He was scrolling through the feed when with a glimpse, something caught his attention. He clicked on it.

"What is that, then?" one of his friends asked. They stared at what seemed to be a glowing bug.

"Look what I found." the one that was filming said. "I don't know what it is. It looks really weird."

He then held up a jar to catch the creature, and after doing so, he made holes for it to breathe and then showed it to the camera again. "It's some kind of bug. I found it in the fields eating some red goo." he laughed. "I'm gonna make so much money."

With that, the video ended. Ronnie looked at the others. "That's gotta be fake. Hollywood's stepping up their game nowadays."

"I don't know, man. It looks pretty real to me."

"Yeah, right. As real as your six pack." Ronnie laughed. He then liked the video and moved to another.


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