Chapter Three

On Saturday, February 11th, Arline remote viewed the coordinates of 43 x and 23 y East. At first it seemed like her senses were failing her, but here in Godech, Bulgaria there was a large lake. She knew that there was something large and metallic there, although she did not know what. And that there was something wet with a large horizon. She seems to have a knack for spotting large bodies of water, on nights when she has had little to drink. And now she dreams in a wink.

She imagines her metallic implants buzzing, her mind a fuzzing. Her brain waves flowing in paradox between a total relaxation high, and cluttered thoughts worrying about the day before. Her mother had a tendency make lots of noise in the kitchen, though she appreciated her doing her laundry for her. Arlina, one might think, would go to bed right away, yet instead she stays up long enough to bake some bread, and then boil potatoes to make a pot of soup. Yet now as she recalls ordering a Cal-zone at the local pizzeria, and buying some instant coffee, she dread the next few days, uncertain of whether she'll get disability.

Arline had always been reluctant to meditate. She simply didn't see a need for it. Yet now that she has begun to remote view, things were different now. As she wipes the sweat from her brow, from a night of masturbation.

The horny life.

Arline tried installing Debian, but once it was up she couldn't install sudo. By this point, she had gotten used to the idea of all Linux distributions having this by default. She had developed a program called the Remote Viewer's Assistant, but she needed to have Ruby installed. Instead she had to reinstall Linux Mint along side Debian OS in order to use the standard operating procedure to run her programs. She honestly wondered why the magnets in her finger tips didn't somehow mess up the message themselves, then she realized it was under the skin.

And now she waits and takes a breath for the next three minutes. Then she wakes. Arline on February 11th on Saturday around 7:00 A.M. sensed at 110 coordinators Y and 143 coordinates x, a soft and grainy texture with a metallic texture nearby. At 110 Ekkachai Road in Bangkok Province, the read has had work stopped on it and now the region has been reduced to a tourist trap, at least according to the locals. Arline knew that if she were there, she might be able to have all the Penang curry she wanted. But she was unsure of how the locals would feel about her dropping by. Although any regions was fun to test out your sensory perception, a region ye close to China wasn't exactly something on her priority list. Although she wanted to have the chance to feel the grainy green along the side of the road. Yet the owners would not want her hopping into their backyard.

Every since she was around eight, she always had some psychic ability. However she had never spoken of it for the longest time, do to cultural stigma surrounding people who claim to be such. Her magnetic fingertips gave her an extra bit of sense, different from remote viewing. Although she didn't like how such implants were invented by men who had no interest in the paranormal.

She was abnormal from the start.

Her life for sake of art.

Arline on February 11th, Saturday 9:47 Pm. Wet texture. Rocky landscape. Wood texture. Silk. Coastal wildlife. Feathers and scales. Dark history, damage to wood texture. She has sensed Aruba, Iraq. Here there had been many battles with US forces, and more battles still against their natives of the region. And here she senses great sadness, and terror. Among that she did not sense at first, was an unknown factory. She was unsure whether it was nuclear or for some other purpose.

She wonders, for what purpose?


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