Chapter Two

They used to say Russia and the US had different social values, but now after the current president was elected by the lowest margin in years, various executive orders have made it nearly impossible to tell them apart. The average person wont ever feel the change. But immigrant families and minority groups have already felt the change even before he was elected. While Arline was technically one such minority, she never got out enough to really experience discrimination. Although try telling her that because she never faced discrimination, that means no trans woman has, although most of the ones at the rally do not actually represent trans people. She spends most of her time working on her programming skills, and wants nothing to do with activism.

Social media spam block functions were notoriously weak although Arline didn't know they were this much. If you changed the message only slightly each iteration, you could spam as many messages as you wanted. And so one could encrypt the same phrase more than once, and as long as they inserted enough _, she could bypass crucial spam blocking functions. She wondered why it was then that computers haven't yet figured out how to bypass spam functionality.

And if someone stole your password, it wasn't like a spam functionality would do you any good. Just recently the government was considering efforts to ask for immigrants passwords in order to be let into the United States. Although all one would have to do is give them the real one once, then promptly change their password the following night. And it didn't actually solve the terrorist problem, as Saudi Arabia wasn't effected by the no fly list. The people were simply ... listless about it.

Arlina goes to various people's houses, using the convenience of their friendship to scan for magnetic pulses in the walls, among other places. She wasn't sure how long it would take for the government to crack down on bio scanners, although as long as she stayed low during the day, and did most of her work at friend's houses at night, at least for the moment there shouldn't be any issue.

But for how long...

This she wasn't certain.

Arline, Friday February 10th at 5:25 P.M. At 42 coordinates X, and -73 coordinates y. It has a rough texture, is covered in trees, and is windy. The place has historical significance, set in a shopping district. West Heartland, CT.

She didn't know exactly why she felt familiar with this place, only its significance as landmark important during the civil wars in the United States. It was a hit. Covered in trees, a mountainside not near any roads. Yet never the less was driven on. She always had some element of foresight from a very early age, although had had to train out of specific habits that contributed to mental noise. Her means of transportation was limited, and thus wherever she went she would either have to walk to such location, or be willing to ask her parents to take her.

Arline wasn't sure whether at this location, there would be a magnetic sensation, and what having one may indicate. From a very early age, since she was very small, she had been told that where there is magnetism, there was treasure to be found. Even in this rough forsaken Earth, trod on by the ghosts of time's past, who fought and died by canon fire.

Everywhere she went, her fingers would vibrate. She didn't know that the whole world was filled with magnetism, only that one of her exes told her that metallic body parts were a bad idea, because the magnetism would gradually mess with your spirit and rip out your prosthetic. However Arline didn't believe in a spirit, at least not in this sense. And yet somehow always held onto ideas about reincarnation. She was drawn to specific places based on a kind of familiarity, as if at some point in previous lifetimes she had been there before.

Yet now she rest, she dines.

She dines on homemade bread.


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