Cherry Blossom Funeral



Keep your look upturned towards

Promising shining faces

You can’t quite make out,

Yet or somewhen soon.


Keep glancing up to

Blossoms full of white and gently humming pink

That sing a song of hope you can’t quite understand,

Yet or somewhen soon.


The blissful scent of whispering spring,

Muffling you comfortingly in warmth,

Shall calm your voice’s silent sobs


And your fragile figure, dressed in black,

Beneath the friendly greeting trees,

Shall walk away happily from my cherry blossom funeral.


  • Author Portrait

    Beautiful! :)

  • Author Portrait

    Ich wünschte, mein englisch wäre besser... Aber was ich übersetzen konnte, gefällt mir!

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