as I left
you took away all the pieces you liked best
kept them as memories
unwilling to give them back
ever again

I spent years trying
to find the missing parts
trying to fix me
to build it all up again

you wrecked me

you made all of my walls collapse
and I had to build them up again
they grew thicker than ever before

with every devastation I could remember
 with every devastation I wanted to forget

the war was over

as soon as I could breathe again
I lost myself
things that did not exist anymore
and the walls were very high

I only feel
the absence
of what is lost
and yours

keep me
as memory


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    Wonderful poems you write!! I'm also a fan from you! But it's very sad, I cried almost. Sorry my English ist not so good. But I love this poems! Congratulation and I hope to read more from you!

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    you're amazingly talented and i'm already a fan of yours. i love how you pour out your heart into your poems.

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