What is this place?
Am I in heaven, or am I in hell?
The place I belong…

It’s cold in here.
Where are all the people?
That used to fight, right next to me.

What is this light?
Don’t call me insane…

Is no one in there?
who’s sharing my pain.
Where are my hands?
Did I loose them?
When the bombs landed right…

2x Right on their target,
their target was me…

Is it too late now?
No more excuses.

Should I feel guilty?
Or should I feel proud?

Did I just do, what I’ve been made for?
Has god commanded this genocide?
Did I believe I could entitle myself,
to take all these lives and at last they took mine…

At last they took mine.

Has everything,
just vanished now,
and I’m just standing there,
counting crows.


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    amazingly beautiful... i love your voice!

  • Author Portrait

    Ich war richtig traurig, als die Audio-Datei geendet hat: Weil es nicht mehr weiter ging. Mehr davon, wirklich großartig. :)

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    Das ist wirklich wundervoll, habe gerade die Audio gehört! Du hast eine Stimmte wie Samt. Auch das Lied und der Text grandios! Schön dass wir Dich jetzt auch hören dürfen!

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    Cool Song! Strong contrast to what you do with your band. I'm really glad you joined us, and can't wait to see Awakening live again :)

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    Here I am, listening to music. On Belltristica. Who'd have thought that? O.O You're great artist - if that is still your first piece, I'd really like to hear what you do nowadays ^^ EDIT: Oh, now I got it right, you wrote it 10 years AFTER the first part. Me and my reading... ^^

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