Air is heavy, tears all gone
dying feels already done
days are empty, nights are long
when you've got nowhere to belong

as the halves around the world
join their breaths and spirit birds
I plead your coo, my wingless dove
to tell me why I cannot love

is it tunes that I've forgotten
in the hums of summer breeze
or a heart that finished rotting
in the chest that doesn't breathe

I wish the moon and oceans deep
shared the secret that they keep
how they long and why they weep
when one of them would go to sleep

all I feel is naught but frost
letting nothing ever sprout
could it be that I have lost
something I'm not real without

I might just be the oldest boy
the newborn corpse, the royal scum
an ashen rainbow rid of joy
the only frown in kingdom come.


Fairy Dust



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