Dominik - Meeting Jessa


The second she leaves I get a cigarette from my coat and light it. I will take a shower next but for now I need to bask in my glory, and I am too tired anyways. I shouldn’t have taken her home, I realize this now. Even though the night was what I expected it to me and much better than with any other bimbo that I might have found at the club, I can’t shake the feeling that something about Jessa is off. As in serial killer off. She was too detached, too unemotional, the way she picked me felt random, like it could have been any guy in the club. I sink into my couch and inhale. I picked her, I realize but just as the thought unfolds in my mind I know that that is not true. Even though I came up to her and asked her to go home with me I know that she had made up her mind about who would join her that night the second she sat down. She played along nicely, she didn’t flinch, when I handled her, if anything she made me treat her worse. I don’t like to think that I treat my girls bad, but I know that the way I fuck isn’t for everyone. But with her it seemed like even that wasn’t enough. I half regret that I talked Chris out of being the one to go over and talk to her, but Í just needed to know what she was like. And I needed it to be easy for once, and I knew she would be.Chris had seen her too, not just last night but every time she was there, she was hard not to notice. I can’t deny, that she is amazingly beautiful, no girl could really compete with her. But Chris too had known that she would be easy, he had too seen her go home with random guys, showing up at even more random hours at night. She was always dressed sexy on the border to slutty, she was drinking more than any of the men she went home with and it never took her long to find one that would go with her. Chris had wanted her, because everyone wanted her. For me it was different. I had always checked out the guys too, not that I am gay or anything, but I wanted to know what type of guy she was going for. I had tried to figure out if they had ever come back to the club as I suspected some sort of black widow situation but I never found them again. As being strangled to death or held captive by a beautiful serial killer would be a welcome change to my routine I wasn’t scared, which was part of the reason I wanted to be the one to leave with her. Also I needed to know if I would meet whatever criteria she had when it came to men. My cigarette is almost out, burned down, only being dragged on once. It looks pathetic so I put it out and light another one. I take a sip of Vodka, which is now warm and tastes like piss. Since I haven’t slept yet it is technically still night and I don’t feel bad for drinking still. I try to pinpoint my emotions, why I am so disappointed in my night with Jessa and at the same time I would do anything to see her again but I can’t figure it out. I sigh loudly as if there is anyone to share my distress with and decide it is time to go to sleep, maybe I will figure it out in the morning. I twist out of my pants and lift my shirt over my head, I will take a shower later I think before I pass out on my couch


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