In the deepest inner'm happy to mental time travel into the future, before dreams of our reunion in May.

I counted already the Days, I hardly can wait to see you.
your smile, your voice, your smell
and your close to me are the greatest in the world even
if it were diamond rain.

Oh my Sweet Yellow ,  I was so longed for you.

Our Love is like band of red velvet , seems soft , but has deepest strength . And wrapped tender around us like a second skin. 

My heart longs for you. Can you see that bright light of Hope. Light candle little small. But my Heart feels the heat of that tiny flame , draws hope for us to meet soon.

Now a phrase , that is true: 
love and faith are for ages a couple. just like you and I belong together, I love you. sweet Dreams


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    First of all: Welcome! :) You chose a very nice poem for your start here on Belle. I really enjoyed reading it and liked the the story it tells but I think, that sometimes there are some minor mistakes in it (which is no big deal of course). Keep up the good work :)

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