ears are bleeding
all the words
all swallowed up
by eager ears
god, how it hurts
god, make it stop

children might be nice
but in groups they're mighty naughty
i beg you once
beg you twice
but then i let those thoughts be

ears are bleeding
ears are bleeding
words like knives stab through them
can't you see my ears are bleeding?
what will i do when

it gets too hard
too much to handle
you're ignoring me now
and later you light a fucking candle 
or what
i'm not gonna appreciate that thought

ears are bleeding
ears are bleeding
ears are bleeding


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    Sehr schön, aber auch sehr tragisch. Das war damals sicher keine so leichte Zeit.

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    Reading this really makes you feel very uncomfortable. Great rhyme pattern. Especially the last verse really nails it.

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