The Embersun of Morality
by Hannah Herbstmond & Megan Core

All in my life I've made one ovservation,
It's okay to be good, but don't resist the temptation,
to be bad just a little, trust me you'll like it.

Maybe once in a while, but remember to quit,
Love is our guidance, so keep that light lit.
Sometimes being good still requires to fight,
That's what you're saying, isn't it right?

What I meant was more "be as dark as the night!"
Your love's but a myth, a good one, I know,
an illusion our brains just put up for show.
Nothing but chemical functions alone.

I think love is so real that your mind would be blown.
There's no greater feeling than holding the hand,
of the one special person you love and understand.
Don't you adore a romantic candlelight dinner?

It just doesn't compare to being a sinner.
Life's way to short for playing the saint.
Just go ahead and tell me it ain't.
 Look out for yourself, there's no need to be nice!

Be careful with that, or you might pay the price.
Don't care for your karma, don't care for your god,
These things are all made-up, elusive and odd.
Let's say there all fake, if just for the sake,
of this discussion - is there nothing at stake?

Even if there's nothing else besides life?
Isn't that in itself worth the strife?
Doesn't it feel good to help out a friend?
It does in your magcial fairy-tale land.

Please take your flowers and rainbows and shit,
and try to be honest and maybe admit,
that all we might do and all we could say,
would never matter 'cause nothing will stay.

When on some distant day our species fails,
did anything matter on cosmical scales?
At the end of times, when the universe crashes,
We'll be all cast to dust, and burned into ashes.

Remember that quarrel that we had begun?

Our lifespan is nothing but an embersun?
And still we are here, and able to breathe,
this knowledge alone, makes it hard to believe.

We have the power to hurt or to play,
with the feelings of others, wouldn't you say?
Don't be a bitch, keep your morals intact.
We're here to play nice, and that is a fact.

Maybe you're right, maybe you're not,
vague speculations are all that we've got.
Be it as it may, for in the very long run,
Our world fades away like a bloody red sun.

One day we'll know, or we'll be gone,
Whatever may come, It bothers me none.
For what I believe, we all will be one.
Shining together like an ember red sun.

Thanks to Hannah, who knows everything better,

I know you're good too, so what is your matter?


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    Auch dir muss ich wie schon Hannah gestehen, dass mein English für den vollen Genuss eurer Zeilen zu schwach ist und ich nicht ALLES umsetzen kann. Aber das was ich versteh und vor allem die Reimfolge und die Idee das gemeinsam zu machen find ich toll! 5/5

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    Just as nice as it's counterpart. Keep up the good work! :)

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    very nice!

  • Author Portrait

    take two masters of letters which not more opposing could be let them work just a while and you’ll see diffrence not matters cause it is the key to create tension with style and that’s something very special to me (:P Hope you'll work together again^^ I love the result)

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