The Embersun of Mortality
by Megan Core & Hannah Herbstmond

Look for the beauty in every thing!

Feel the grass on your toes, dance around, laugh and sing!
Life is just great, its so bright and intense!

But we're all gonna die, so just what is the sense?
Life as we know serves no purpose at all,
and the higher we dream, the deeper we fall.
Try to be happy and your feelings are crushed,

Don't you think that this conclusion is rushed?
We can feel love, we have friendship and fun!
But all of these things fade away like the sun.
Our live's but a day and the sun always sets,

Then spend your time well so you have no regrets!
Make friends, have a family and find your true love.
In the night there's no light but still stars all above!
The closer you look, the more awesome life gets!

But it is like I said - our sun always sets.
Now we're still young and our lives lie ahead,
But with each "awesome" day we come closer to dead.
You can try to pretend but in the long run,
Our life is a red glowing embersun.

If all you have seen, was nothing but light,
how would you know what wonders wait in the night?
There'll be so much more, even after we die,
Our souls will go on, after we say "goodbye".

The horizon will fade, for all women and men,
and all that ever keeps the now from then,
with sky and earth becoming one,
our life was but an Embersun.

The Horizon blurs, when we travers,
the stream of souls that gently runs,
when we are hurled to another world.
Our lives were beautiful embersuns.

Thanks to Megan, who went all emo for us!
It's called existentialism! You think I'm a wuss?


  • Author Portrait

    This is beautiful. Great collaboration.

  • Author Portrait

    Ich muss gestehn, das mein Englisch zu schwach ist, um ALLES genau zu verstehn, aber was ich verstehe gefällt mir, ebenso wie die Reimfolge und vor allem die Idee das gemeinsam zu machen. Super! 5/5

  • Author Portrait

    That's rather creative you two! Very nice work!

  • Author Portrait

    awesome collab! come to think of it, that's worth an extra function on here. guess i'll pester my bro about it later

  • Author Portrait

    Wonderfull poem, I love it! d(°-^)b

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