"How strange it is, that we, as human beings, tend to pour our soul into everything we love, letting it consume every molecule of our bodies. Feeling overwhelmingly empty when we lose that. Is it, that we're losing parts of our soul too?
How strange it is, that we, as human beings, are so perfectly made up. We are made of such an incredible amount of atoms, put together in the correctest of confinements, making us able to breathe, to talk, to think.
And still, we can never survive on our own. Can never survive without things we can invest ourselves into. And if we lose that, do we lose a few of the atoms that once made us, once made us whole? Is that the reason we feel so empty, when we lose someone we held dear?Or lost something, maybe lost the feeling of belonging along the way. Trying to get all the feelings back, by substituting the loss with alcohol
or drugs,
or an oberwhelmingly amount of work.
Or trying to numb it that way.

I think that it's strange, that we, as human beings, can seem so whole, yet still so lost at times.
We let the things we love, become ghosts inside of us.


Fairy Dust



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