falling in love
people can fall
in love so easily
but never have I seen it last.

last forever,
like we always promised
before we broke
and fell onto the ground
instead of falling for eachother another night

but maybe 
falling in love with someone
is like falling in love with a foreign city

the first time 
you see all the nice places
so beautiful
and foreign
that so many people travel maybe a thousand of kilometers
just to admire their beauty

you admire the way the sun shines onto every building
and maybe you even find interest in the darker, not so attractive places. 
you can't get enough

you come again
year for year
still breathtaken 
year for year
it feels like your escape zone
becoming familiar 
but still you find new things to admire

and third
you may decide to settle
settle in this city
that first was, so foreign to your own
exciting - oh the places that you can go
all the adventures
beautiful in every inch

but you settled
and first you think you made a decision
the greatest of your lifetime
because you fell in love
when you saw how the sun sets, throwing shades and shadows of astonishing buildings into the river

but you eventually
get used to it
get used to all the tourist attractions
and all the darker places start to annoy you

you get used to the beauty

you can't even recognize the things that made you fall in love

you fall out
fall out of love
when everything becomes a routine.

maybe that's why
I've never seen love last.


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    I like it a lot and it makes a lot of sense too :)

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    I agree with Johhla and Ben

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    Really nice text, even though it is pretty sad. I like the comparioson between love and city. Good job!

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    It's sad, but I think what you wrote might be true to a certain degree. I hope that one day you'll find a "place" that truly becomes a home worth living in :)

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