Don't you try stop me strangers
when I tell you I'll be leaving
my safety lies among the dangers
only smoke can keep me breathing

in foggy streets on wintry nights
when my hearthstone comes ablaze
I read the rhyme the ghetto writes
engraved in the road by absence of days

you laugh with friends and I alone
to you it's "out" to me it's home
you remain in your cell, unable to roam
afraid of the world outside of your dome

transcending the ages in the outer dimensions
I wallow in the spark of freedom's perfection
therefore in the spirit of compression's repression
I solemnly present the wanderer's confession

rainbows lack in color comparing to my gray
lady Street is all I need, my beloved fiance
I quiver to the beauty of her stars and nebulae
sipping on her shine in the midnight cabaret.

Enjoy your lonely stay
caged in painted hardened sand
meant for minds that don't expand
enough to bear to understand
the existence of my wonderland.


Fairy Dust



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