Grey is the colour
Of everything around me
Gravity strong and weak
Tied down and free.

Floating through the room
Through the empty air
Looking ´round abstracted
Don´t know how to care.

Tied down to the floor
Chained onto the ground
Staring at the sun
Lungs crushed like I drowned.

Conscious that I´ve got
Barely time to spare
Only wish I had
Someone to share.

The hourglass comes closer
Bottom´s almost filled
But the last few grains of sand
Are stuck just out of guilt.

Leaving them behind
Is what keeps me alive
How long, that´s the question
Since none of my tries will thrive.

Is this what I´ve come to?
Can´t be living on like this
So I´m sitting here waiting
for death´s final kiss.


Fairy Dust



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