I'd slay the sun to dim the heavens
when you bless me with your presence
as ice and fire steam the room
to the breath of your perfume
sleeping in the lust that weeps
in the valley of your lips
honored by the blood that bathes
in the cushions on your face

I'm obsessed by you possessed
I'm depraved for you are craved
like dried up shores by raging waves
an eagle's wings by dying slaves
like left for dead awake in graves
forever cursing their enclave
like the secrets of the world
by the leaders of the heards

The woman dancing in the sky
that all men see before they die
a flag of peace to end their fight
wearing rainstorms dressed in white
whispering poems that they hear
as the echo of their years
split her warmth in winters two
one of which amores in you

You're the fortress on my nape
that shuts the courtyards when I wake
and your king remains a riddle
stuck in words between the middle
in rhymes I'm bleeding down the walls
of my mind's forsaken halls
hoping they will reach the plain
where a glimpse of you remains
to read the things I cannot say
made of tears of rainy days
in the haze that can't be seen
that rides the winds of mountains green

So when I ask you, answer true
for every never's always too
if you wish to flow with me
to the places we could be
take my mortal open hand
'fore we turn to grains of sand
help my bosom in this war
find a death worth living for
or turn away and shut your eyes
to every stanza as it dies
for it is they who make you gleam
the very martyrs of my dreams
and when you perish like a thought
tell the gods they shone for naught.


Fairy Dust



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