The Story begins with a Little chubby ghost.His Name was Chubbs he was hundred years old.He lived in an old Castle in London.Chubbs had blue eyes and he had green short hair.Cubbs was sad becouse the other gohsts were making fun of him becouse he was not scary he was funny.When the other ghosts saw Chubbs they said:,,Thereis the funny ghost hahaha."One day a little Boy saw Chubbs in the dining room from the castle at night:,,Why  are you crying ?",asked the Little Boy.,,I´m not crying,"said Chubbs.,,I´m Dave,what´s your name ?",said Dave ,,I´m Chubbs the little chubby funny ghost",said Chubbs.Dave said:,, I love chubby and funny ghosts."Chubbs was happy and Dave and Chubbs were best friends.


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    What a cute story! There is only one little thing I have to critizise: There are some blanks missing. Nevertheless I enjoyed your story ;-)

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    Cute! <3

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