In this summer he feels so lost
In this summer he feels the frost
In this summer, he's trying to stay warm
But at what cost?

He feels so misplaced in this time
Maybe he belongs in the summer of sixty nine
Laying back in the sun, enjoying some
Summer wine.

He feels so empty, he is so ignored
It just seems they get bored
Just some company, some pleasant time, for that
He begs the lord.

The sun is burning in gold
And yet he feels so cold
He should get up, he should get moving, but god
he feels so old.

Fragile like a figure of glass
He lays down on soft grass
Watching as clouds fly by, 
Not feeling time pass.

White clouds turn grey
In this world, in this grass he is stray
His time is up, his time is over, with his life
He has to pay.


  • Author Portrait

    I hugs him und wish him power and luck for his future :)

  • Author Portrait

    Hat was von Summertime Sadness ;) Gefällt mir gut

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